Practical Tips for Junior iOS Developers

Aryaman Sharda
2 min readApr 27, 2021


For those that don’t know me, I’ve been making iPhone apps since 2014 and working professionally since 2017 as an iOS developer.

Along the way, I’ve worked for a variety of companies — from a few lesser-known startups in San Francisco to well-known companies like Turo, Scoop Technologies, and Porsche.

Ever since I created my first Xcode project, I’ve been maintaining a notebook where I documented everything I was learning.

Whether it was a novel code snippet, a particularly challenging bug, or noteworthy insight from a more seasoned engineer — it would all go into the notebook.

Now, 5 years later, it is filled with practical tips derived from my day-to-day experiences as a professional iOS developer. It’s everything I wish I had known on my first day.

Here’s a preview of one of the design patterns we cover:

Here’s a synopsis of all topics covered in the book:

I’ve been hard at work over the last few months consolidating all of this information down into an easy to read practical eBook available here.

You may have already seen some of this content as previous posts here or on blog.

Practical Tips for Junior iOS Developers is a summary of everything I learnt as I transitioned from a junior to a senior iOS engineer. We will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from optimal build settings, architecture, and design patterns to Swift best practices and conventions.

This book has been fully updated for Swift 5.3 + iOS 14.

I’ll continue to release updates for no additional cost.



Aryaman Sharda

Staff iOS Engineer @ Turo. Previously, Scoop Technologies & Porsche Digital