Introducing EditKit Pro

Aryaman Sharda
4 min readFeb 18


Hi all,

I’ve been working on a new Xcode Editor Extension and I’d love to get your feedback on it.

My goal was to create something that would provide developers with a wide range of conveniences but to go one step further and address issues that code snippets couldn’t solve on their own.

-Aryaman S.

Download link:

If you have any feature requests or bug reports, please let me know at 😊


Once you’ve downloaded it from the App Store, open System Preferences -> Extensions -> Enable EditKit Pro.

You may need to restart Xcode.

The extension should be available in the Editor menu.

You can set up custom shortcuts for your favorite actions with Xcode’s Key Bindings:

Align Around Equals

Aligns statements are the = operator. It's important to use a monospaced font, otherwise, you'll see minor discrepancies like in the video below.

Auto Mark

Beautify JSON

Fixes issues with poorly formatted JSON. Useful if you use JSON to represent mock data in your apps.

Convert JSON To Codable

Creates Codable models that match the provided JSON in the clipboard.

Create Type Definition

This utility considers the suffix of the filename and creates the initial class definition matching that name and type.

Format As Multiline

Breaks an array or a long line of code into multiple lines.

Copy As Markdown

Automatically adds the ``` characters to the selected text to make sharing on JIRA, Confluence, GitHub, etc. much easier.

Search on Google / GitHub / StackOverflow

A convenient utility to search for the selection on a variety of platforms. It’s useful for finding out more information about a class or line of code you’re unfamiliar with and/or confused about.

Sort Imports

No selection is required. The utility will automatically identify the import statements and order them alphabetically.

Sort Lines Alphabetically

Sorts the selection alphabetically.

Sort Lines By Length

Sorts the selection by line length.

Wrap in #ifdef

Auto Localize String

Identifies any text in quotes and wraps it in a NSLocalizedString call.

[SwiftUI] Disable Outer View

[SwiftUI] Delete Outer View

[SwiftUI] Disable View

[SwiftUI] Delete View

If you like this tool, check out my other Xcode extension:



Aryaman Sharda

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