Introducing BuildSwitcher: Local Build Caching in Xcode 🚀

Aryaman Sharda
2 min readSep 1, 2023

Build Switcher intelligently caches the latest builds across your most frequented branches. Now, you can switch between these builds instantly in the Simulator without having to wait for compilation or stashing your working changes when you change branches.

Say goodbye to wasted time on resolving dependency versions, battling caching / DerivedData issues, and waiting for compilation during branch changes and demos.

Check out Build Switcher in action!

🔍 Swift, Smooth Comparison: With Build Switcher, comparing your feature or bug-fix branches with main is a breeze. Safeguard against regressions and ensure that pesky bugs are truly squashed, all without the hassle of switching branches or recompiling.

🔄 Simpler Refactoring: Transitioning from Swift/ObjC to SwiftUI? Or, in the middle of a big refactor? Build Switcher’s got your back! Easily compare your current implementation against the original allowing you to ensure the expected behavior remains intact.

📊 Dazzling Demos, Zero Delay: Picture this — it’s the end of the week and you’re getting ready to demo your bug fixes and new features to your team. As you move between branches and wait for your project to recompile, your high-energy demo quickly becomes a time-sucking nightmare.

With Build Switcher automatically caching your builds across your recent branches, you can now easily restore builds in the Simulator without compiling, changing branches, or stashing any changes. Your demos just went from clunky to seamless. 🎉

🛠️ Easy Setup: Seamless integration into your workflow. A few taps, and you’re good to go! No rocket science, I promise. Plus, it’s compatible with all iOS and iPadOS projects. 🚀

👨‍💻 Developer-Tested, Developer-Friendly: I’ve put Build Switcher through its paces over a few on-call shifts and I’ve found it indispensable in my development workflow.

I’ve got some other projects in the works, so if you’re interested in learning more follow my updates on Twitter and check out my YouTube channel or blog for more iOS content.



Aryaman Sharda

Staff iOS Engineer @ Turo. Previously, Scoop Technologies & Porsche Digital