I Built A Free Deep & Universal Link Manager For iOS Developers

Aryaman Sharda
2 min readSep 25, 2021


I’ve always found testing deep links to be really inconvenient and in most places I’ve worked they’re rarely covered by unit tests.

So, I decided to make a free tool — DeepLinkr — to make it easier to document, share, and test an app’s collection of deep and universal links.

With DeepLinkr, you can now define all of your links once and share them with your team for easy testing; developers no longer have to send themselves links to click.

You can also import your AASA file so you have access to all of your universal links on this platform as well.

Easily manage all of your apps deep and universal links

DeepLinkr will also generate QR codes for every link so you can easily test them on your mobile device by scanning the code with your camera. It couldn’t be any easier to test different application lifecycle states and verify the behavior of your deep/universal links.

Quick testing with auto-generated QR codes for every link
Run your deep link against any simulator on your machine

Download the macOS app here!

The macOS app was released today and the iOS app is coming soon :-)



Aryaman Sharda

Staff iOS Engineer @ Turo. Previously, Scoop Technologies & Porsche Digital