Great article clarifying the differences between a deep and universal link! I created a free developer tool for iOS developers to easily test deep/universal links against the iOS Simulator:

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I got tired of typing that Terminal command and sending myself links to click on my device, so I built a free developer tool for iOS teams that allows you to easily document, verify, and test your app's deep & universal links:

I’ve always found testing deep links to be really inconvenient and in most places I’ve worked they’re rarely covered by unit tests.

So, I decided to make a free tool — DeepLinkr — to make it easier to document, share, and test an app’s collection of deep and universal links.

For those that don’t know me, I’ve been making iPhone apps since 2014 and working professionally since 2017 as an iOS developer.

Along the way, I’ve worked for a variety of companies — from a few lesser-known startups in San Francisco to well-known companies like Turo, Scoop Technologies, and Porsche.

In most of my iOS roles, accessibility support has been a secondary concern. Fortunately, an employment opportunity in early 2020 afforded me a chance to work on a team that felt differently. Together, we worked to define accessibility best practices, standards, and workflows for our entire organization.

This article describes…

Let’s take a detailed look at the implementation behind Gaussian blurs. It’s the image processing algorithm that enables image manipulations like this:

Let’s take a look at the compression algorithm behind Unix’s compress and most .gif compression.

The Lempel Ziv Welch [LZW] algorithm is a greedy lossless compression algorithm that works by replacing recurring patterns with shorter codes in order to save space.

Lossless is a form of compression where no data…

As a hobbyist photographer, I’ve always wondered how Apple Photos, Lightroom, and Photoshop implement image contrast adjustments. After spending some time reading into it, the approach is worth sharing.

Let’s start with the basics.

A histogram is simply a bar chart representing [in this case] different frequencies of colors in…

I’ve always wanted to localize my personal apps, but I found it to be too expensive. Since many apps share the same vocabulary (News Feed, Dashboard, Forgot Password, Take Photo), it seemed silly to pay to translate words that some other development team must have previously paid to translate.


I’ve been primarily an iOS developer for the last few years, so naturally, when I started dabbling with web development, Vapor was the obvious choice.

I had moderate success with Vapor and was able to quickly build out two sites with pretty minimal effort and

Eventually, the lack…

Aryaman Sharda

Senior iOS Engineer @ Turo. Previously, Scoop Technologies & Porsche Digital

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